An Alternative to Cremation with Environmental Benefits.

What is Resomation?

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Resomation is a patent pending, environmentally beneficial alternative to cremation and burial and is both dignified and respectful. It has been developed in response to a growing desire for greater choice and increasing environmental awareness.

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The Resomation Process

A funeral involving resomation is exactly the same as one involving cremation until the point at which the coffin is committed from view. In Resomation the coffin is placed into a Resomator, and instead of fire, uses a water and alkali based method - also known as alkaline hydrolysis - to break the body down chemically.

The process is normally 2-3 hours long, the same length of time as an average cremation and once complete, a sterile liquid and bone ash remain.  The sterile liquid is returned to the water cycle and just like cremation the bone ash remains are placed in an urn and returned to loved ones.

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